Keep Hackers Away

People are talking!  It's about Microsoft.  From what I hear, hackers are hacking into Hotmail and Live accounts left and right!  Some people even say it's so bad that it's like a pandemic.  People are losing all there saved data, emails, their contacts, and everything that had been saved in that account.  Gone!  All Gone!  And what's worse is that the hackers are pretending to be them, and spamming or scamming all their contacts.   The hackers are changing the password and secret questions, so there is no way of getting the account back to it's rightful owner.

Better Network Security

I have a great solution to this alleged pandemic.  When applied throughout the internet, hackers won't stand much of a chance.  Your secret questions just sit there and become outdated and collect dust (so to speak) until you need them to retrieve a forgotten password.  Or (if you're fast enough) you can answer your own secret questions to retrieve your account from a hacker who has not changed your password yet.  Ladies and Gentleman, secret questions can have so much more potential than that!

If Microsoft, or any other network on the internet, were to set it up so that no one (and I mean no one) can change the password, or change the secret questions until the existing secret questions have all been correcting answered, then no one is going to be able to change your password, or delete your account, unless they know the answers to your secret questions, period!  Are you changing your own password?  Then you must answer your own secret questions.  Changing your own secret questions?  You must answer all your old secret questions correctly first.

It's just that simple
Stephen Robinson
The Social Web Analyst


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