Vox.com Shutting Down

Unless you've been living in a vox, (pun intended) you should at least know about Vox.com. A popular yet never viralized blogging and friendship community service is shutting down on September 30th 2010. That's just 5 more days and Vox will be gone! Just like the once popular voice blogging site, Snapvine, it's gone the way of the dodo.  So, if you have a blog on Vox.com then I highly recommend (if you haven't done so already) moving your blog posts and other content to another blogging service.  Vox has access to several tools that help you through the moving process. 

Me personally, I am going to miss Vox.  I had some great conversations, blog posts, comments, and wonderful friends there, and I can only hope that before the deadline is through, that all my friends follow my last post, and join me at one of my other social sites and/or blogging services that I have joined and currently keep updated.  What's to be said about Vox and other sites shutting down?  Nothing, really, except to say that it's the way of the world.  When one door closes, a better one opens.  The company has made their choice, and for obvious reasons that the site does not financially benefit them any longer, so, R.I.P. Vox.com

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Bloglines Shutting Down

Popular amongst many yet unknown by few is Bloglines. A blogging service that included a Feed Reader, Clippings, and a Playlist. Bloglines is owned and operated by the good people at Ask.com.  And on October 1st 2010, Ask.com will shut Bloglines down.  I'm sure this was carefully thought out before the decision was made, but like most choices to shut down a website, I'm sure it's because it no longer financially benefits Ask.com.

I personally did use Bloglines for some blogging, and I also used the Feed Reader for a about a year or so until I switched to Google Reader.  And, upon switching my Feed Reader, I also stopped using Bloglines for my blogging.  It's really a no-brainer as to where I chose to continue my blogging.  I know that no longer supporting Bloglines was probably a very minuscule contributing factor in their decision to shut it down, but I do not regret doing it, nor will I miss Bloglines, or any of it's features.

To be blunt, Bloglines lacked a lot of wanted features for Blogging and Feed Readers that most people in the Blogophere now receive on other more popular blogging platforms.  If Ask.com would have kept up with the latest changes and features offered in other blogging platforms, then perhaps Bloglines would be a lot more popular and flourishing.  And Ask.com would not be shutting it down.  But, the decision is theirs.  And as I have mentioned in my previous post, it's the way of the world.  When one door closes, a better one opens. R.I.P. Bloglines

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Keep Hackers Away

People are talking!  It's about Microsoft.  From what I hear, hackers are hacking into Hotmail and Live accounts left and right!  Some people even say it's so bad that it's like a pandemic.  People are losing all there saved data, emails, their contacts, and everything that had been saved in that account.  Gone!  All Gone!  And what's worse is that the hackers are pretending to be them, and spamming or scamming all their contacts.   The hackers are changing the password and secret questions, so there is no way of getting the account back to it's rightful owner.

Better Network Security

I have a great solution to this alleged pandemic.  When applied throughout the internet, hackers won't stand much of a chance.  Your secret questions just sit there and become outdated and collect dust (so to speak) until you need them to retrieve a forgotten password.  Or (if you're fast enough) you can answer your own secret questions to retrieve your account from a hacker who has not changed your password yet.  Ladies and Gentleman, secret questions can have so much more potential than that!

If Microsoft, or any other network on the internet, were to set it up so that no one (and I mean no one) can change the password, or change the secret questions until the existing secret questions have all been correcting answered, then no one is going to be able to change your password, or delete your account, unless they know the answers to your secret questions, period!  Are you changing your own password?  Then you must answer your own secret questions.  Changing your own secret questions?  You must answer all your old secret questions correctly first.

It's just that simple
Stephen Robinson
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Are your real friends only online?

Through out the ages, people created friendships from the people they cross paths with through out their lives. And there were never an abundance of friendships available. People were happy with the few select friends that they had. It was personal! Down to earth, and face to face. Sharing in actual, physical activities and events. Parties! Good Times! Good memories. And yes, this sort of thing still happens today, but in comparison to the ages before the internet and online socializing, it’s starting to dwindle.

Now, in the communication age, people are building their friendships online. Even close friendships. Best friends and love relationships. And although we’re able to connect with more people now than we ever thought possible in the past, it’s still virtual. And as interesting as it my seem to connect with all these people that share in the same interests as you do, there is alas the missing element of personal involvement. Actually getting together and doing things as real friends do, and in real time.

What have we become? When are best friends and closest relations are all online. Don’t get me wrong, I love the online world, but I also think it’s equally important to share your friendships with the people around you. Your neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else that you cross paths with through out your life. Don’t forget about them! At the very least, you can create memories with them, takes photos and videos, and share them with your other friends online.

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