Spotting a Scammer - Part 1

My post today is about Scammers. If you are a member of a social networking site, then chances are that you have encountered a Scammer. They create a profile on these social sites, and most of the time, they don't even bother completing their profiles. In fact, I've ran into some Scammers that didn't even bother adding a profile photo. If they fill out their profile, it's usually bogus BS about nonsense they doesn't even make sense half the time. They only put it there to make the page look filled out.

Understand that these Scammers are trying to run an illegitimate business of scamming as much people as possible. That's what they do! So, they don't like to spend too much time adding photos and completing profiles. Especially since they create as many accounts as they can, to reach as many potential suckers, I mean, to reach as many innocent people as they can.

Their next step per account, is to search for people and send them a message. So, chances are, you will receive a message from one or more of these Scammers, even though their profiles are not completed, and/or they don't even have a photo uploaded. And, if they do have a photo uploaded, then it's a picture of some beautiful woman that they found somewhere on the web. They don't care if they are deceiving you. They are Scammers, and that's what they do!

They bottom line is: The average person that joins a friendship site, is going to completely fill out their profile and upload photos of themselves first, before they even attempt to contact anyone for friendship. Think about that for a moment.... Would you create an account on a social networking site, and then start contacting people before you even filled out your profile and/or added a profile photo?? I wouldn't!

This is really important, so listen up! How many people do you know that give you their email address on first contact? If it's a legitimate business person, then maybe. If it's someone running a webcam show, then no. They give you their web page instead. A Scammer will usually always give out their email address on first contact, and make some excuse that they hardly come to that site anymore, or that they can't upload photos to that site, and that Scammer wants you to email them so they can send you photos. But, these are not photos of them. These are just more photos that they found on the web. No Kidding! And, now that they have your email address, let the scamming begin!

Below are 2 examples of Scammers. Please do not try to contact these people. They only want to deceive you, lie to you, and take you for everything you got! If a Scammer contacts you, report them immediately, and delete that message.

I don't want to make this too long, so look for part 2 of Spotting a Scammer. If you have any more information that you can provide to help educate people against Scammers, then please add it to the comments below. You can upload screen shots and other images of who you think is a Scammer. Add discussions about this topic, and get involved!

Thank you!


Guest said...

Well I have read your article and I must say that it's so so true what You have stated hear!!

I encounter about 3 of these emails daily from people claiming that they or someone they know has a HUGE amount of money needed to transfer in America or those who act as a Young woman looking for a man..

However it maybe always remember that if You did not solicit the email then treat it as some sort of scam..

Nice to see folks looking out for others good JOB with this post!

Norman Flecha

Alexis Wingate said...

Stephen, thanks so much for your valuable information regarding how to spot a scammer. I'm now wondering if I've perhaps encountered one or two! I'll be looking forward to reading Part 2 soon. Your blog is wonderful! I'll be adding it to my blogroll today.


Laura said...

Here are some of the things I look out for: use of broken English, claiming to have a degree in engineering (art and economics are also nebulous enough that you can't pin them down), telling me how wonderful my profile is, or my picture (I even once had someone tell me I have a wonderful dental?!?), claiming to have a master's degree when their command of the English language suggests an elementary education, claiming to live in one country while having been born in another, claiming to have spent years in a certain country while not being able to speak the language (I wrote part of an email response in German to a man claiming to have been educated in Germany, but he didn't even acknowledge my remarks or questions or my use of German), never asking me questions about me (if he's really interested in me, how does he expect to get to know me better?), not responding to questions I ask him, inconsistency in his story, frequently the man is a widower with one child, and sometimes he left his career to raise his child because his wife died while the child was so young, addressing me as "dear" or "pretty" or some other endearment when he doesn't even know me. Some of the scammers are getting pretty sophisticated now. I think they must copy someone else's profile because I have seen some pretty legitimate-sounding profiles with reasonably good English. One scammer that contacted me had at least 3 pictures of the same man on his profile and he later emailed me pictures of his "son" and some of them had the same man in them. Initially I had thought he must be legitimate, otherwise how could he come up with all these pictures of the same man and a son as well? Well anything is available on the Internet and it's easy enough to steal someone's pictures. And there was too much else in our communication that didn't add up.
Remember to listen to your inner reasoning voice. If something isn't adding up, don't make excuses, drop him(her) and report him(her).

hmcahyo-indonesian on 8/05/2010 9:38 PM said...

thank for the info.. i;ve recvied such kind of message in my inbox ..

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