Spotting a Scammer - Part 2

This is part 2 of my 2 part series of Spotting a Scammer. Here is Part 1. Today I would like to talk to you about Scammers that try to scam you using an offer in an email. For example, if you receive an email stating that you have been chosen to receive 3.7 Million dollars that remains in their bank from a rich American that passed away in their country, with no known relatives to claim the money, this is a Scam! Bottom line, this is a scam. They will ask you for your bank account information, so they can send you the money.

Trust me when I say that there is no money to give you. They actually want your bank account information so they can drain your account and steal your identity. I know that 3.7 Million dollars is really tempting, but please, don't fall for it. There is nothing legitimate about it. You Will Be Scammed! When you see one of these emails, just delete it. You can also warn your friends about that name and email address, so they do not fall victim to this scam. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of these Scammers, so if you have not received an email like that yet, you can bet that you will.

This is very important, so listen up! No legitimate business is going to ask you for your account information by email. Not your password, not your ID, not anything private. They want to protect your privacy, not jeopardize it. Banks, law firms, finance companies, or any real, legitimate business is NOT going to ask you to give them personal or private information through email. So, if you are asked to give this information through email, then it's a scam, con, or phishing scheme. Also, if you do receive an email that claims that your account information has been compromised in some way, and they ask you to go to the website, and sign in to correct the problem, this is called phishing, and it is a scam.

You already know what the correct website address is for your bank's website, right?. Please, look closely at that website's address in the address field in your browser, and make absolutely sure that it is the correct address for your bank's website. If it looks wrong, or something doesn't look right, then get out of there! Report that website to your bank. Call your bank and give them the website address over the phone. The sooner something is done to stop these phishing scams, the sooner you can prevent it from happening to someone else.

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Spotting a Scammer - Part 1

My post today is about Scammers. If you are a member of a social networking site, then chances are that you have encountered a Scammer. They create a profile on these social sites, and most of the time, they don't even bother completing their profiles. In fact, I've ran into some Scammers that didn't even bother adding a profile photo. If they fill out their profile, it's usually bogus BS about nonsense they doesn't even make sense half the time. They only put it there to make the page look filled out.

Understand that these Scammers are trying to run an illegitimate business of scamming as much people as possible. That's what they do! So, they don't like to spend too much time adding photos and completing profiles. Especially since they create as many accounts as they can, to reach as many potential suckers, I mean, to reach as many innocent people as they can.

Their next step per account, is to search for people and send them a message. So, chances are, you will receive a message from one or more of these Scammers, even though their profiles are not completed, and/or they don't even have a photo uploaded. And, if they do have a photo uploaded, then it's a picture of some beautiful woman that they found somewhere on the web. They don't care if they are deceiving you. They are Scammers, and that's what they do!

They bottom line is: The average person that joins a friendship site, is going to completely fill out their profile and upload photos of themselves first, before they even attempt to contact anyone for friendship. Think about that for a moment.... Would you create an account on a social networking site, and then start contacting people before you even filled out your profile and/or added a profile photo?? I wouldn't!

This is really important, so listen up! How many people do you know that give you their email address on first contact? If it's a legitimate business person, then maybe. If it's someone running a webcam show, then no. They give you their web page instead. A Scammer will usually always give out their email address on first contact, and make some excuse that they hardly come to that site anymore, or that they can't upload photos to that site, and that Scammer wants you to email them so they can send you photos. But, these are not photos of them. These are just more photos that they found on the web. No Kidding! And, now that they have your email address, let the scamming begin!

Below are 2 examples of Scammers. Please do not try to contact these people. They only want to deceive you, lie to you, and take you for everything you got! If a Scammer contacts you, report them immediately, and delete that message.

I don't want to make this too long, so look for part 2 of Spotting a Scammer. If you have any more information that you can provide to help educate people against Scammers, then please add it to the comments below. You can upload screen shots and other images of who you think is a Scammer. Add discussions about this topic, and get involved!

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Stop typing in all capital letters

My post today is about people who type in all capital letters. You've seen it in emails. You've seen it in private messages. You've seen it in instant messages. Yes, it's the infamous ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! This sickens me! Pisses me off! As if I can't read their words unless they're all capitalized. What's the reason? What's the purpose? Everyone else can read plain text so easily, so why do you think that no one can read your text unless it's in all capital letters? Huh? Why?

What? Do you make billboard signs for a living? Give me a break! Listen, I can read your words, OK? They do not need to be in all capital letters! Are you able to read these words? Yes, I thought you could. Guess what? They're not all capital letters! Imagine that! You and everyone else can read my words, and they're not all capitalized. I've tolerated it as much as I can. Now, I am venting! Yes, this is venting! Stop typing in all capital letters!

Whatcha got to say about that?

Clipmarks - What are you finding on the web?

My post today is about Clipmarks. Clipping the best parts of the web is absolutely free. This ingenious site allows you to take only the parts of a web page that you want, and save it to your Clipmarks account. You can also embed your clips on other web pages, to share with other people outside of Clipmarks. Using simple copy and paste, you can add your clips to your blog, a guest book, comments, or anywhere else that you choose to embed your clips. You can also embed photos and videos, which makes it a very interesting way of sharing your media with your friends. You can embed an entire series of your favorite clips, using Clipmarks widget feature.

clipped from

LEADING infectious disease experts have called on the Federal Government to abandon its mass swine-flu vaccination plan because of fears the vaccine is a contamination risk that could spread blood-borne diseases.

Health Minister Nicola Roxon yesterday announced that the Government would start deploying its first batch of swine-flu vaccine in coming weeks, with an aim to vaccinate as many people as possible to prevent further spread of the virus.

But in a letter sent to Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer Jim Bishop, the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases expresses deep concern about CSL's use of multi-dose vials for the vaccine and urged the Government to abandon its plan until it had single-dose vials.

The letter, written by the Society's president, Associate Professor Tom Gottlieb, says multi-dose vials - bottles containing many doses of the vaccine - had been shown on many occasions to transmit infectious diseases, ''resulting in considerable morbidity and mortality''.

blog it

If you don't want to embed a clip onto a web page, or you're just not able to, because that page doesn't allow HTML, you can just share a link to the clip instead. Sharing just the link will allow people to view the clip on it's own page, without having to visit the Clipmarks website. Here is a link to the embedded clip above. You will see that it's the same clip, only on it's own page, rather than embedding it, or having to view it on the main Clipmarks page, among to other clips.

One of the best features I've discovered about Clipmarks is the public time-line shows in Real-Time (no refreshing needed). As new clips are added to the time-line, they show instantly. This is something that Twitter doesn't even offer, at this time. Although I wish they would. Another great feature is that fact that you can click on any clip on the public time-line, and it will appear on the right side of the time-line so you can read the entire clip without leaving the page. The public time-line can be filtered by POPS, or Tags, and can be sorted by Comments or Dates. You can add folders to your account to store your favorite clips by Tags. These folders are called ClipCasts. These are all great ways to organize and find clips to simplify your Clipmarks experience.

Another great feature is the POP feature. If you like a clip that someone has added, you can click the POP button next to that clip, and it sends the clip to the top of the public time-line. The POP is also counted and credited to you. The clipper will see the names of everyone who popped the clip. But it doesn't take a pop to follow someone on Clipmarks. You can follow anyone you want, and as many as you want. And just like Twitter, if they follow you back, then you are friends.

Comments are another great feature that Clipmarks offers to the members. Not only can the clipper add a note about the clip, placed underneath the clip, but other members can also leave comments for the clipper, directly under the optional note. This is a great way to stay in good communication with your friends or fans on Clipmarks. Another way of sharing clips with your friends around the web is Clipmark's convenient sharing feature. When viewing a clip widget on the right side of the public time-line, there is a Share button, right next to the POP button. This Share button allows members or the open public, to share the clip using public bookmarks, blogging it, emailing it, Twitter it, Friendfeed it, Print it, and so much more.

And now, I've saved the best for last. The Clickmarks Toolbar. Well, you can't clip the best parts of the web without it. The Toolbar allows you to highlight and mark certain parts of a web page, to add to your clip. You can add up to 1000 text characters to share publicly, or even more text characters, to keep privately. You can also add photos and videos that don't seem to be added to the 1000 count limit for public sharing. Once you download the free Toolbar, you will have an icon added to your browser.

Clicking on the Icon will show the Toolbar, and will start Clip Mode. In Clip Mode, you can hover your mouse cursor over text, photos, and videos, and an orange square will be placed around that area. Clicking on that area will mark it as clipped. This can be undone at anytime before you finalize your clip. Once your clip is finalized, you can name your clip, add a note to your clip, add it to your Clipblog, Amplify it, by sending it to Twitter, Facebook, or delicious, all before publishing it to your Clipmarks account.

I rate Clipmarks a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 on my Social Web Totem Pole.
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Snapvine - Voice Blogging Made Easy

My post today is about Snapvine. This audio and voice sharing social networking web site is completely free. Snapvine offers many different features for all members. It's main feature is voice blogging. It's very easy to setup and operate. You can have multiple voice blogs on the same account, and it's very easy to create. You can add photos, links, text, and tags to your voice blogs, which makes it all the more personal for making real friend connections. Customize your profile by adding a voice intro message, tagline, photo, and your favorite links. You can even choose to moderate your comments before they are published to Snapvine.

There are several different ways to publish your voice to Snapvine. The most popular way is to use a microphone or a headset & microphone combo. You can also add your voice my telephone or cell phone. And if that wasn't enough, you can also add audio or your voice by uploading your own audio file to Snapvine. Once your voice post is published, it will appear in chronological order on your voice blog, just like any other blog. You can browse other members, and browse other voice blogs. Add, subscribe, and talk to anyone you want. Leave a voice comment, and rate their voice blog posts.

You can also add friends and subscribers to your snapvine account, and you can (of course) subscribe to other voice blogs too. Your subscribers will be notified by email when you post to your voice blog. They can visit your page on snapvine and leave a voice and text comment, and also rate your post on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Below is one of my voice blog entries on Snapvine, that I have embedded into this post. If you decide to join, or you're already a member, then please add me up! :)

Comment | Join Me On Snapvine

Snapvine also offers a voice message player that you can add to your blog or web page. It works very similar to the old voice message machines that you can use with your home telephone service. Only with this modern voice message player, you can change skins, and customize it the way you want it. It's a very attractive and useful feature to add to your web page. With Snapvine, you can also add voice or audio to a photo. Just choose the photo, record, and publish. Add you can add that Voice Photo to your blog or web page. Just click on the Widgets link at the top of the Snapvine page for more details.

I rate Snapvine a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 on my Social Web Totem Pole.
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Tagged - More Friends Means More Fun

My post today is about Tagged. It is the 3rd largest social network in the US, and has over 80 million members worldwide. Members use Tagged to keep in touch with friends and to make new ones. There are many fun, yet quick things to do on Tagged. Give Luv, play Meet Me, Send Tags, send Winks, Chat, and so much more. And that's what I like about it. Get in, send some love, and then get to the real fun things. Like Games, Mafia Wars, Pets, Share Videos, Share Photos, Super Poke, Poker, and so much more.

Tagged also has their own currency called Gold. When you first join Tagged, you are automatically given 2000 Gold. There are 2 ways to accumulate more Gold. Gold is earned by taking surveys and accepting product offers that are sponsoring Tagged. You can also buy the Gold outright with a credit or debit card, through Paypal, or charge buy phone. One cool thing that you can buy with your Gold is Gifts for your friends on Tagged. There are a variety of Gifts to choose from, and they all vary in price. It certainly does make gift-giving interesting on Tagged.

Tagged also has a very interesting setup for profiles. Aside from filling out your profile information, you can also move modules around on your page so it looks the way you want it to. You can also add widgets to your page to give it more flair. You can also add photos and videos to your profile, to share with your friends and visitors. Like most other social networking sites, Tagged also has Private Messaging, Journals, and Bulletin Boards. These are great ways to say what you want to the masses. There is even an activity stream that allows you to keep up with what your friends are doing. You can also change your status, so you can let your friends know what you are doing. You can add me on Tagged, and I will gladly accept.

I rate Tagged a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 on my Social Web Totem Pole.
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Zorpia - Share Photos, Make Friends

My post today is about Zorpia. Right from the start I noticed that Zorpia has that friendly feeling to it, when browsing the site. Besides sharing photos and making friends, there are many other things to do on Zorpia. There are also Videos, Journals, Groups, Events, Gossip, Forums, Themes and so much more! You can be alerted of New Messages, Comments, Friends Activities, and other Responses, in Real-Time! No need to refresh your browser, because these alerts flash at the top of your page as soon as they happen. Some of the extra features that I like the most is Zorpia: Hot 'n' Verified, Match Up, the Zorpia Box, and Recenty Updated.

The Founder and CEO of Zorpia is Jeffrey Ng. He started his first entrepreneurial experience at the age 15. He previously worked for Expedia Inc. and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a double degree in Computer Engineering and Finance. He started building and developing Zorpia in 2002 in his own apartment and after one year Zorpia became a global influence that brought different people together. Currently he is leading the Zorpia team to put together their ideas and innovative thoughts in order to provide you the best and the most fun experience on Zorpia. Today, it is an international social site, which makes it easy to meet new people from around the world.

Zorpia has a goal of bringing people together from all over the world and allowing them to share their ideas and interests. Since then the Zorpia Team has worked ceaselessly to reach people's heart and provide the best features in order to maximize our users' satisfaction. The primary features are photo album, online journal, social networking, customized homepage, comment system and discussion forum. You're welcome to add me as a friend on Zorpia.

Their headquarters are located in Hong Kong, China. However, they are planning to open new branches in mainland China, US, UK, Australia and many other countries as they grow bigger.

I rate Zorpia a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 on my Social Web Totem Pole.
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MySpace - Beware of con artists

My post today is about all the scams and cons that take place on a daily basis on MySpace. Now just in case you just woke up from a 5 year coma, MySpace is the most popular social networking site on the web today. With over 100 million MySpace accounts, there are going to be plenty of con artists on the site too. Most of them just want your account information so they can take over your account which gives them access to all your other information, and all your friends or online contacts. How is this done?

There are 2 popular ways that these bad people can get this information from you. One of those ways requires them to know your email address that you used when you first opened an account with MySpace. So, please, do not show your email address on your profile, blog, bulletins, or give it to someone that you do not know, or trust. That goes the same for your Yahoo ID or any other ID that can easily be linked to an email address. Once they have your email address, then the only thing left is your password. Please make sure that your password is very strong. At least 8 digits long with at least one number and two capital letters. By following these simple guidelines, your account is a lot less likely to be hacked into.

The second popular way that these bad people can get this information from you is to trick you or con you into clicking on a link in a bulletin, blog post, or private message, or directly from their profile page. Please understand that clicking on the link will not give your information to them. But, if you are taken to (what appears to be) the MySpace homepage to sign back in again, then don't do it. You are not signed out, you don't need to sign back in again, and that is not the official MySpace homepage. Check the address bar on your browser to make sure you are on the official MySpace homepage.

Read more about MySpace Security and Safety Tips here

I rate MySpace a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 on my Social Web Totem Pole.
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Fubar - The 24 hour adult night club online

My post today is about Fubar, the 24 hour adult night club online. First brought to life way back in October of 1977 by a man named Mike Hedlund, this online night club is the place to see and be seen. Mike Hedlund goes by the screen name of babyjesus, and is still an active member of Fubar. Their office is located in Redwood City, California. The website is maintained by 10 great members that help keep Fubar running strong.

This very popular online night club is packed full of many cool things to do and share. Photos, videos, groups, blasts, bulletin boards, comments, private messaging, instant messaging, activity tracker, and so much more. Your profile is very customizable, and rated very high on my social web totem pole. There are so many things to do, you can easily lose track of time. I should know, because I've done it. Feel free to add me as a friend on Fubar. I'll gladly accept.

Fubar is free to join and experience, although it does have a premium membership option for unlocking more features, called a VIP membership. Although I am not a VIP on Fubar, I still enjoy many of the cool features that are still available for free members.

If you decide to visit or even join Fubar, you may see images, text, links, games and other mentions of cherries. Cherries!? Yes, cherries! This night club wasn't always called Fubar. In the beginning, it was called and then Mike changed the name to And finally, a couple of years ago, Mike changed the name of his night club again, to But it's still the same place. Still the same website. And now you know why you would see things on Fubar involving cherries.

If you're not already a member, then please consider joining.
It looks like Mike needs all the help he can get. WOW!

I rate Fubar a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 on my Social Web Totem Pole.
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Friends or Contacts

I'm a member of MyYearbook, and I receive friendship requests on a daily basis. At first, I thought that these people actually wanted to have an actual friendship with me. Now I realize how foolish it was for me to think that. The majority just want a high number of contacts, for the look and feel of a false sense of popularity. They have no intentions of talking to me, interacting with me, or anything of the sort. The only thing I can expect is these people asking me to vote for them, give them this and that, and basically cater to their MyYearbook needs.

I guess the friendship part is optional. So, let's be like programs and just take what is thrown at us, and do it with a smile! Because that's all that is expected of most people on that site. And that's not the only site where this unthoughtfulness takes place. There are actually many sites out there where people just use each other to benefit for themselves. If they have nothing to gain by it, then they problably won't do it. Only if they feel that it will give them more votes, gifts, popularity, comments, and anything else that they can get from people, then they will send you a request. With (appearently) no intention of having an actual friendship with you.

Correct me if I am wrong??